Introduction to Silk Screening

Did you know that you can buy a blank white heavy T shirt for only $1.80? And did you know that in just a few minutes and for just pennies you can print one permanent image like this? 
There are several ways to make money printing T shirts.

1.) Custom printing.

2.) Creating and designing your own T Shirt line.

Custom T-shirt printing is printing a large quantity (50 or more) of one specific design for a business or particular group that wants to sell them or give them to employee’s or just give them away for advertising purposes for example. I have printed 100 shirts with one color design like this on both sides in just a few hours and sold them for $5.00. That is a $300 profit in a few hours.

Whether the economy is great or not doing so well all businesses need to advertise, end of story!  There is no better way than to have hundreds of people walking around town with their business logo on it.

I had a welder come to me once and I printed up some shirts with simply his name and phone number real big on the back. He had told me that he never before advertised but each welding job he completed he gave the customer a T-shirt. That was his only advertising for years. He stayed busy and was never without work. The next day I was standing in line at the grocery store and the guy in front of me had a T-shirt that said Joe's Welding and his phone number.

There is no real sales involved in selling, just let people know that you now print T-shirts. The orders will come to you.

Who do you contact? First let all your friends know, then all the people at work and those you come into contact with in your daily life like the dry cleaner or the mechanic etc.

I have had people tell me that they have orders to pay for their equipment before it has even arrived. 

Other places to contact are non-profit organizations, scout groups, unions, political groups, local bands, churches, fund raisers and any business small or large. 

For creating your own line of T-shirts the sky's the limit and the labor is easier and the profit is much higher. For example, I take the same blank white T-shirt for $1.80 and print my own creation and sell it for $10.00 or more. For every 100 T-shirts sold that is a $700.00 profit.

The other benefit is once you make your silkscreen for that particular image it will last for thousands of prints, so you just have to print when you get orders and clean the ink out of the screen and store it for another order on another day.

Well I hope I have helped you understand the financial possibilities with having your own silkscreen set up at home and I invite you to watch my entire how-to video collection so you can see how to set up a low cost silkscreen shop at home so you can get started making cash in your spare time.
Thank you,
Bob Mongiello


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