Did you know that you could buy a blank white heavy T-shirt for only $1.80?

And did you know that in just a few minutes and for pennies you can print one permanent image like this?

My name is Bob Mongiello.
25 years ago, I invented a Silk Screen Printer and Sliver Flash Dryer for small businesses. Many silk screen printers are expensive and require a heavy initial investment, which can be cumbersome for someone looking to start a small business printing T-Shirts. As a solution, I created the Blue Diamond Silk Screen textile printer and the Silver flash dryer which is an affordable and easy to use T-shirt printer and dryer package. I also invented the Silver Flash Dryer, which allows you to evenly dry a screen print while you begin printing your next shirt. I even offer a D.I.Y Silk Screen Kit, which is the most affordable way you can begin silkscreen printing.

I’ve also created a number of videos to learn how to silkscreen using my custom printers. Or if you are interested in how to start a t-shirt business, I have many videos on becoming an entrepreneur, building your own silk screening shop, and making money by printing t-shirts. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact me.

Many businesses can utilize silkscreen printing including non-profit organizations, scout groups, unions, political groups, local bands, churches, fundraisers and any business small or large.

For creating your own line of T-shirts, the sky’s the limit, the labor is easier and the profit is much higher. For example, I take the same blank white T-shirt for $1.80 and print my own creation and sell it for $10.00 or more. For every 100 T-shirts sold that is a $700.00 profit.

The other benefit is once you make your silkscreen for that particular image it will last for thousands of prints, so you just have to print when you get orders, clean the ink out of the screen and store it for orders on another day.

I hope I have helped you understand the financial possibilities with having your own silkscreen shop set up at home and I invite you to watch my entire how-to video collection so you can learn how to set up a low cost silkscreen shop at home and start making cash in your spare time.

Thank you,
Bob Mongiello

Call: 1 (919) 525 7911

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